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At the Wyomimg Center for Optimal Health, we have committed our lives and careers to gaining the knowledge to truly make the lives of our patients better.  By taking the tactic of identifying the underlying causes of disease, and using an integrative approach to therapy,  we can often dramatically improve the lives and the level of health that our patients enjoy, and eliminate more symptoms than traditional pharmaceutical management ever could.

We practice Personalized Medicine;  we identify the specific and unique causes of symptoms and disease in every one of our patients; then design a treatment plan specifically just for them to get them feeling as good as they can while preventing future disease.

The  fundamental understanding of the underlying causes of human disease has evolved drastically in the last decades;   and those who follow the science have come to realize that most modern disease is caused by  lifestyle choices, insufficient intake of key nutrients, genetics, and a number of environmental factors.    Unfortunately, the medical field has been slow to adopt practice standards to the newest developments, and is still largely relying on broadcasted pharmacuetical drugs rather than addressing the underlying biochemical and physicologal causes of disease.

Genetic biochemical and nutritional  factors affect our ability to live long, high quality lives by altering our energy levels, causing bothersome symptoms, altering or hormone levels hormones, our ability to handle stress, and often our outlook on life.

People often call what we do "Integrative Medcine " or "Anti-Aging medicine".  Although it is not possible to stop the Aging process, our patients often report back to us that they have better athletic, sexual, cognitive performance now than when they were several years younger.  Anti-Aging  Medicine is now the fastest growing field in medicine, with good reason...  it works. 
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